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[sticky post] sunday river on sunday

sunday river on sunday

things in the water … reflections of sky … look more "there" than what was above when i took the image this a.m. … while seeing real heaven-ward clouds and blue between trees.


trees for asakiyume

petrol for peadarog

personal notes on form


Is that a mask, or a pie, in her hands? Is she pasting it on -- or taking it off?

Thoughts on form come to mind. formCollapse )

white heron in flight for seraphimsigrist

white heron in flight

behind the dunes, juuuuust barely discernible above the saltmarsh in Maine's Reid State Park…
juuuuust barelyCollapse )


man walks on water, for superversive

man walks on water_2


blueberries for mattiescottage

blueberries above songo (cropped)

wild blueberries in maine are small but taste luscious, growing along edges of woodlands and roadsides. down east are gigantic fields of them, picked by locals and migrant workers. in the mountains i stop while biking or walking to get a meager handful. the hand below, however, as you can see, is that of a giant. giants also like them. blueberries grow bigger in the hand of a giant. these here, while seeming small, would suffice for a pie.

blueberries in hand